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Advance Performance Center is a part of our Kingsland/Saint Mary’s clinic focused on improving the quality of life of our community through activity. We are taking the initiative to decrease the comorbidities and injuries associated with living a non-active lifestyle.  The amount of research showing the health benefits of physical activity is overwhelming. And unfortunately, the opposite is true for the risks of becoming sedentary. Our goal is to offer classes for all age ranges and fitness levels to help promote a movement-based lifestyle.  Whether you are a middle school athlete looking to make your sports team or an 80-year-old trying to find a way to play with your grandchildren, we are hoping to be the first stop in your quest to improve.

Classes Offered

Sports Performance Training

Advance Performance Center is offering a Sports Performance Training Class that is meant for all athletes looking to improve their Speed, Power, Strength, and Conditioning. Even though every sport has slightly different needs during competition, if you improve the above 4 areas, you will be a better athlete! Below is a general breakdown of how the 90 minute sessions will be programmed.

Each day the times may vary some based off the focus, however this will be the general breakdown. Speed training will pick a specific variable each day needed during competition. It will either be acceleration, top end speed, or deceleration. Jump training will change focus between vertical, linear, lateral, or rotational. All of these areas are important for sport performance and injury prevention. Weight training will be a gradual building from mechanics and technique training into olympic lifting to help with power production. The end of the session will either be a competition based activity or we might work on conditioning.

If you have any additional questions about how we each session will be run, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Advance Rehab Mick training Front Squat

Functional Fitness

Advance Performance Center will be offering a FUNCTIONAL FITNESS class for Seniors. If you are interested in improving your body awareness, learning to lift properly, increase cardiovascular fitness and mobility, you do not want to miss this class! We all know the benefits of being active, but most of us fall short of these recommendations. As we age, this becomes more important to prevent decline in our ability to perform the tasks we desire to do. No matter if your goal is to continue golfing, playing tennis, or picking up your grandchildren without pain, improving your fitness level will help. Jessica Agnew, licensed Physical Therapy Assistant and CrossFit Level 1 Coach will be instructed this class!


Are you looking to improve your mobility and stability while decreasing your stress levels? Our Yoga classes are for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, we would love to help you reach your fitness goals. Amber Hurd will be heading up our YOGA program.

Advance POSThab

Are you finishing up your therapy, but feel like you could still benefit from having supervision with your transition away from the clinic? As mentioned above, the benefits of physical activity can improve a wide range of health conditions, not to mention make you feel better. Have an Advance Rehab Therapist supervise your training program as an extension of what you are working on in therapy. Additionally, have access to our new Advance Performance Center and our professional staff. Different packages are available to meet your specific needs.

Meet Our Professionals

Mick Janusko, PT, DPT, MTC, CSCS, CSAC

Hello! My name is Mick Janusko and I am the Director of Sports Medicine and Performance at Advance Rehabilitation in Kingsland, GA. I graduated from The University of Saint Augustine in 2014 and received my Manual Therapy Certification in 2016. I live across state lines in Jacksonville, FL with my wife Kaylee (also a Physical Therapist who specializes in Pediatrics), daughter Ella, and my best bud Dallas (my Black Lab named after my beloved Dallas Cowboys).  I enjoy working with all my patients, however my passion is rehabilitating middle and high school athletes. This passion comes from my personal history with rehabilitation following an ACL injury in high school.  Prior to my injury I was a multi-sport athlete (basketball, soccer, and pole vaulting) and my PTs helped me get back to what I loved.  I realized the ups and downs that come with losing the ability to do what makes you happy.  I feel like this understanding helps me connect with my patients and determine what buttons to push along the road to recovery.

Jessica Agnew, PTA

Jessica Agnew is a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant and has been with Advance Rehabilitation for the past year. She recently retired from the United States Navy where she worked as a Navy Recruiter and managed the Navy Fitness Program for the entire Command.  Jessica was also a US Navy trained Physical Therapy Assistant with experience in aqua therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, athletic training, inpatient and outpatient care. She is currently CrossFit Level 1 Certified and CrossFit Mobility Certified and working part time as a coach. Previously she was a certified Personal Trainer and taught a variety of classes at Silverdale Fitness (WA ) and Kings Bay Fitness (GA) . She strives to pursue additional education in Modern Management in the Older Adult and how it relates to improving mobility, function and strength to increase quality of life and longevity in our clients and patients.

Amber Hurd

Amber Hurd is a Nurse and Army veteran who recently moved to the Saint Mary’s/Kingsland area from Hawaii! She began practicing Yoga in 2016 and she really enjoys educating people on the benefits that can be obtained from practicing consistently. She is also studied and is very interested in the physical and psychological components of pain and how yoga is beneficial in alleviating both.
Amber is excited to join the community and would love to share her practice and expertise to help make my community healthier and happier!

The Performance Center is located at:

Advance Rehab Kingsland Clinic

100 A Lindsey Lane
Kingsland/ St. Marys, Georgia 31558

Phone: (912) 729-1333