What Are Your Options When It Comes to TMJ?


How Physical Therapy Can Be a Vital Tool in Treating Pain Associated with TMJ / TMD Disorder

According to the University of Illinois Chicago, an estimated 10 million people suffer from at least one TMJ / TMD disorder.  Much of the time, this disorder can be rather hard to diagnose and even harder to manage.  With all of its complexities, it is vital that those suffering from TMJ / TMD disorders have multiple options when it comes to treatment. Physical Therapy can be, for some patients, an effective treatment for those suffering facial, jaw, head, or neck pain associated with TMJ / TMD disorder.


The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is a complex joint located in front of each ear. It is responsible for allowing the mouth to open and close. When the TMJ is not working correctly, you may experience jaw pain, clicking, popping, or locking of the joint. You may also experience headaches, neck pain, sinus pain, dizziness, and ear ringing or pain. TMJ pain or Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) is not strictly limited to the jaw it can also be influenced by activities, positioning, or alignment of the head and neck.


  • Excessive grinding or clenching of teeth
  • Joint stiffness
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Poor Posture or Ergonomics
  • Other neck conditions including pain and headache
  • Stress and muscle tension
  • TMJ Pain


Physical therapy treatment includes an in depth evaluation of the structures of the cervical spine, jaw joints and head. Treatment could include manual therapy techniques for the spine, jaw and soft tissues, exercise for the jaw and neck, and modalities.

Evaluation focuses on the relationship of the muscles, joints and nerves of the jaw, head, neck and face and how they relate to each other. Manual therapy may be used to improve range of motion and mobility of the jaw and neck. Exercise is designed to restore the proper balance of the spine and head to take unnecessary stress off of sensitive tissues and to support the body so it can perform the activities of daily living efficiently and comfortably. Modalities will decrease the short-term discomfort and joint irritation.

In addition, we will look at how you interact with your environment to see if there are activates you preform that put increase stress on your body which could cause increased pain. Most importantly, in addition to these techniques, the patient is provided with a home exercise program to aid in symptom reduction. Each treatment plan is based on a patient’s individual needs and the therapist, patient, and referring practitioner work as a team to reach the patients goals.


Based out of our Marietta / East Cobb Clinic, Hooman Nourparvar, PT, DPT specializes in TMJ / TMD disorder.

One of our leading specialists at Advance Rehabilitation Physical Therapy at treating TMJ / TMD disorder is Hooman Nourparvar, PT, DPT.  Based out of our East Cobb Clinic located in Marietta, Georgia Nourparvar states, “The most important factor in a successful treatment plan is a comprehensive assessment with a skilled physical therapist. A thorough examination during the initial visit is crucial, as it allows for accurate diagnosis and the identification of the underlying causes of your jaw dysfunction.” With this knowledge, a tailored treatment plan can be crafted, enabling your jaw joint to regain freedom of movement and alleviating pain.


With 24 outpatient clinic locations throughout Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, Advance Rehabilitation is a dedicated to providing the highest quality rehabilitation services.  If you are suffering with pain associated with TMJ / TMD disorder reach out to one of our clinics today to discuss possible treatment options.

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